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The topics and things that I will be posting are mostly leaning towards book reviews and suggestions for books, and other short story ideas. I love to write book reports on the books that I have read! It really helps me remember the plot of the book, and the book title so I will never forget in my life that I have read this book. Short stories are also something I love to write about because they can be about anything and it will be a very great way to boost your writing skills and your creativity! I am an aspiring poem reader and love to write poems such as haiku’s, quatrain’s, etc. One fact that is true for sure is: I will post everything from the bottom of my heart with full of love and passion. I hope you will join me in my biteful, yet thoughtful journey.

This website will be a very positive and a remote friendly website. All the things that I post will be appropriate for everyone. I would really be appreciated if you share this link to some of your friends! Taking your effort and time into reading my posts will be something that I will thank all of you for. It is something incredible and I want every one of you to know that. I want to encourage every one of you who is reading this to spread your beautiful smile and show your teeth! Be nice to everyone. Be a good and a helpful friend to all. Help support good changes to the Earth, and most of all, be a good citizen and a good person. The world will appreciate you for doing this.

My Passion towards books!

The most important fact that you should know about me is that I am a person who loves to read a lot!! I set goals each month on how much to read every month. I enjoy reading a lot and it is a hobby for me. I never miss a day reading a book. Reading gives me the chance to almost open up to a new world. It gives me a different set of lens to focus on. Different perspective, different point of views, different information. I love all genres and reading makes up almost 50% of who I am. In this website, you might see a lot of book reviews and suggestions of books to read.

Those are all the little things about me. I really hope you liked my website and will check out all the content that I will soon post! Remember to stay kind, helpful, and amazing!!

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