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The topics and things that I will be posting are mostly leaning towards book reviews and suggestions for books, and other short story ideas. I love to write book reports on the books that I have read! It really helps me remember the plot of the book, and the book title so I will never forget in my life that I have read this book. I love to post other things too such as interesting facts about the world and other non-fiction news reports! I love doing these kinds of things and publishing it to everyone so that people will know what is happening around the world and so that people can enjoy the quick reads. Short stories are also something I love to write about because they can be about anything and it will be a very great way to boost your writing skills and your creativity! One fact that is true for sure is: I will post everything from the bottom of my heart with full of love and passion.

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This picture shows how my website will be kind and will be motivating for readers like you guys! It will be a very positive and a remote friendly website. All the things that I post will be appropriate for everyone. I would really be appreciated if you share this link to some of your friends! Taking your effort and time into reading my posts will be something that I will thank all of you for. It is something incredible and I want every one of you to know that. I want to encourage every one of you who is reading this to spread your beautiful smile and show your teeth! Be nice to everyone. Be a good and a helpful friend to all. Help support good changes to the Earth, and most of all, be a good citizen and a good person. The world will appreciate you for doing this.

My Passion towards books!

The most important fact that you should know about me is that I am a kid who loves to read a lot!! I set goals each month on how much to read every month. I enjoy reading a lot and it is a hobby for me. I never miss a day reading a book. Reading gives me the chance to almost open up to a new world. It gives me a different set of lens to focus on. Different perspective, different point of views, different information. I love all genres and reading makes up almost 50% of who I am. In this website, you might see a lot of book reviews and suggestions of books to read.

Those are all the little things about me. I really hope you liked my website and will check out all the content that I will soon post! Remember to stay kind, helpful, and amazing!!

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