Does Writer’s Block even exist?

Hey everyone! I know this isn’t my usual cup of tea, in relation to this blog, but I kind of wanted to talk about this topic. Hopefully you all enjoy!

This is a topic (or dare I say controversy) that has been going on for a long time. So, I too wanted to tackle this subject. So, let’s go back to this central question: Does Writer’s Block exist?

Me, as a person who admires books, reading, and writing might not be the best person you would ever want to hear an opinion from, but this is just my view on this topic. First of all, what even does Writer’s Block mean? It is a word to define the feeling of no ideas, blocking of a talent, no interest, etc. But I like to call it as a term to help people have words for the feeling of tiredness. You are tired of doing what you do every day.

Writer’s block, art block, all of this kind of falls in the same category. Once you do the same thing almost every day, you kind of feel like there is this block, or this barrier which is forming inside your brain, like you can’t think of anything. So people eventually refers to this feeling as writer’s block.

But, I think that whenever you feel this emotion, you shouldn’t describe it as a ‘block’, but more of being tired. Tired of doing the same thing again, or tired of putting so much effort. That was what I think of when someone asks my opinion of writer’s block.

The thing is, when people ask tips for recovering this feeling, you shouldn’t give any! Because this emotion will go away slowly. All you need is a good break from it, a relaxation. Soon, your brain will start working and continue doing that activity–in this case, writing.

Overall, there isn’t one definite answer for writer’s block…and each person has their own take on this topic. But I hope you understood a little bit more on what my stand is!


Published by purple4ever

I am a person with many hobbies, interests and talents. One of my favorite things to do is writing. I play the violin, I love drawing, I love studying ad exploring new things. I am a very friendly and a kindhearted person. I have very good characteristics.

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