The Birds of Sadness

The Birds of Sadness,

fly above me

I look up

they hover me

I am their shadow

or am I theirs?

Nothing makes sense



when has it ever made sense?


I sit there

one of the birds

circles me

the rest follows

The Birds of Sadness

think I am their nest

to protect them

I think they need me

or do I need them?

All alone

I feel

but the birds

I keep them company

do they keep me company?

I feel lost

but a creeping feeling

as if someone is spying

looking at me

lurking this moment

behind my back

Am I hallucinating?


Or stuck

in a never ending nightmare?

But whatever happens

the Birds of Sadness

they always stand by me

when I’m in despair


Published by purple4ever

I am a person with many hobbies, interests and talents. One of my favorite things to do is writing. I play the violin, I love drawing, I love studying ad exploring new things. I am a very friendly and a kindhearted person. I have very good characteristics.

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