Book Review: The Whispering House

Hello Everyone!
In this post, I have finally come up with a PROPER Book Review for all of you! I really hope that this book review is detailed enough for you all to understand and hopefully get delved into reading this book any time soon. Thank you so much for taking the time to read my blog! 😊

Title of the book: The Whispering House

Author of the Book: Rebecca Wade

Summary of the Book:

Hannah Price is a young girl. Though she didn’t fancy the idea of moving to a new place called “Cowleigh Lodge”, she wasn’t really upset. At a first glance, everything seemed fine, until one day when she discovered a mysterious book filled with fairy tales who seemed to belong to some other person—a girl named Maisie Holt.

She hadn’t minded any of this much because she thought the previous owner forgot the book. But still, at the back of her mind, she was wondering who she was. She notified all of this to her best friend, Sam. He suggests that her house might be haunted, and at first, she chuckled, but she didn’t know what the future had in store.

She later learns more about the girl and her mysterious death at age eleven, but realizes this occurred 140 years ago, in the same room Hannah was in. Her main blunder was trying to draw Maisie, because once she did, her house began to transform into an old Victorian house.

Questions begin to arise upon Hannah and Sam, such as “Why is Maisie not leaving Hannah alone?”, “Who can they be able to trust with all of this information?”, “Will they ever get help?”, “Will Maisie Holt never leave her family alone?”. Will Hannah and Sam ever be able to wrap their heads around this horrifying dilemma?

Read the book to find out….

My Opinion of the Book:

This book has it all. The true mystifying feeling, the way the pieces of a puzzle piece click together at the end. The feeling which makes the readers at first scared and anxious, but most of all—connecting with the character. I have loved every single page of this book and how it has captured my interest and attention.



Age Band:

10+ (4th and above)


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