Book Review: Saving Montgomery Sole

Hello Everyone!
In this post, I have finally come up with a PROPER Book Review for all of you! I really hope that this book review is detailed enough for you all to understand and hopefully get delved into reading this book any time soon. Thank you so much for taking the time to read my blog! 😊

Title of the book: Saving Montgomery Sole

Author of the Book: Mariko Tamaki

Summary of the Book:

Montgomery Sole is a high-school girl who just wants a normal life, filled with kind and understanding people. But deep down, she knows that she needs to snap out of this fantasy world. Reality is difficult for her to cope up with. She only has Thomas and Naoki with her as her weapons to this big and dangerous world.

For a girl who loves mysteries, her life and her surrounding is a mystery which she can never solve. The stigma that is going around her school about who her and her parents are is driving her crazy and makes her seem that she has no one to cry out for help. No one can be trusted.

Her school is filled with kids who either are jocks, or people who just can’t seem to get humor and irony. Everyday seems like a big challenge, a rope she tries to reach everyday but slips. But when she learns about Eye of Know, some type of powerful amulet, she decides to buy it, hoping it would change her life for the better.

Will this ornate, powerful, dazzling, magical black garment be the key to success for her to deal a normal life and fit in with everyone else at her school? Can she prove everyone wrong that she has no reason to be treated differently from the rest? Or does she need to be saved from this world?

Read the book to find out.

My Opinion of the Book:

I think that this book is a really interesting book which has many different real-life concepts of friendship, problems, struggles, stigma, and etc. The book talks a lot about the society and how people can be better than what they are. Overall, this is a good book which has a deep meaning to it.



Age Band:

12-18 years (6th and above)


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