Photo Prompt

Hello Everyone!
In today’s post, I will be trying to continue my blog’s long lost history theme of Photo Prompts! I feel like I really should do it more often, but sadly I have so many ideas of posts I could do on a daily basis. But I am bringing it back! Hope you all are as excited as I am today!


A pathway between trees leading into a dark and misty forest. Photo Composite.

This photo is the chosen one today!

It gives me such dark, deep, and hollow vibes about everything that is going on. The colors are very grim, dull, and faded. The darkness is overtaking the image, which just a glint of blue light shining throw. The mysterious woods, (as I like to call this photo) gives a sense of some fantasy setting. The birds (I think?!) in the photo are all huddled together. The tall trees give off the creepy forest vibes perfectly.


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I am a person with many hobbies, interests and talents. One of my favorite things to do is writing. I play the violin, I love drawing, I love studying ad exploring new things. I am a very friendly and a kindhearted person. I have very good characteristics.

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